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Our Product Range

There are only a handful of manufacturers of certified fire-resistant doors in Queensland, and we are one of them who manufacture only the highest quality products. We manufacture a very wide range of doors and related products, including:

  • fire door (fire-rated door)
  • fire-rated glass door
  • bullet proof door
  • standard door (non-rated door)
  • acoustic door
  • bullet proof door
  • customized door:
    • finishes
    • faces
    • paintings
  • fire-rated glass window

All of our products are manufactured in Australia at our advanced and fully-automated warehouse.

So when you choose to buy from Touchwood Doors you are guaranteed to receive 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE products.


Access Panels, Blast Resistant, Bullet Resistant, Custom Doors, Double Action, Fire Rated Hollow Core, Life Safety, RF Radio Wave Resistant, Sliding, Solid Core, Sub Station

Door Face

Colourbond, Custom, Galvabond, Hardboard, Painted, Plastic Laminate, Ply, Stainless Steel, Timber Veneer, Zinc


Acoustic, Euroseal Profile, Fire Rated Steel, Non Rated Steel, Non Rated Timber


Fire Rated Air Grills, Fire Rated Door Furniture, Fire Rated Seals, Fire Rated Vision, Panels, Non Rated Air Grills, Non Rated Vision Panels, Smoke Seals

fire door manufacturing service photo
fire door manufacturing service photo
fire door manufacturing service photo

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  • Keep guests from (illegally) propping open entry fire doors
  • Prevent Accidental Lock Out from the Conventional Flip-Latch
  • Still allow guests to see 1/2" past the door into the hallway
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